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Life is Hard

What do I do about that?

So I started this company almost a year ago now. It has had its ups and downs let me tell ya but I am very thankful that I started it. I have enjoyed getting to know new people and learning that I can do this on my own. I feel like life is like that sometimes. Some days are not good and other days are okay and yet other days are great! Sometimes we have those times were we feel like everything is going great and nothing could bring us down. Then there are those days were everything goes wrong and we just want to hide somewhere and not come out for days on end because life has thrown us this curve ball that we didn't see coming and it causes us to cry or get depressed or feel anxious. I can't stand when that happens. Life has thrown me some curve balls that felt like it was the hardest thing ever....a breakup with an ex boyfriend or a job we really want and don't get or that grade we thought we were going to get but failed. I wish I could tell you that this won't happen to you but at some point it probably will as I have learned that its just life. Sometimes we feel like the inner hurt is so much worse than any physical pain that could happen to us so we turn to alternatives to help us stop feeling period.....we turn to drugs or alcohol or maybe even cutting. At times we feel like no one understands us and they have never gone through what I am going through but in the end we find out we aren't alone and that there were people there all along that could help us and talk to us. If this sounds familiar please call or text me (708) 295-3502 or you can email me also