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Life is Short


I've been learning lately that life is short and needs to be lived to the fullest....but for some people anxiety gets in the way of living life to the fullest. Anxiety can stop you from doing so many things because of what I call the "what if" game. What if I go to the party and no one talks to me....what if I get to the top of the slide and can't go down...what if I text this guy and he doesn't answer back....what if I go on that date and he doesn't like me....what if what if what if. There are so many what ifs that can happen and most of the time with anxiety we always go towards the negative what ifs. How come it doesn't seem to be the positive what ifs. What if the guy likes me....what if he asks me for a second date...what if I get that text back. Living life with anxiety can be a big challenge but I want to encourage you to get off the what if train and start living life. Stop thinking that everything is going to be negative and start thinking the good things and positive thoughts. I know it can be really hard to change your way of thinking but just think of all the good things that could happen if anxiety didn't run one's life.....just a thought! Have a positive day!!!