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Losses and Hurt

Grief and Loss

I recently had a friend of the family pass away. She was so young and it was very difficult to handle. I think sometimes that people are expected to "just get over it" or are told that they are in a better place in heaven but aren't given a change to truly grieve for a friend. It is okay to cry or be mad or be upset about it. It is always good to talk to someone about it too. Some of us do have friends that will listen to us as she cry and talk about the hurt and the pain but others I know don't have that person in their lives. I would love for you to call or text me if you are the one that doesn't have that person in your life to go to to truly grieve a loss. A loss can be so many different things. It can range from the loss of a loved one to the loss of a pet to the loss of a marriage to the loss of a parent in the home. There are so many things that can be considered a loss and sometimes others won't think that it is a "big deal" but to some it truly is a big deal and needs to be worked through and grieved. If you need help please call or text me at (708) 295-3502. There is also a place on this website to email me if you feel more comfortable for you. It is so easy to fill out all the paperwork on line as well. Don't live with the hurt and pain by yourself. I'm here to help you through the process and the pain.