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Worry and Doubt

Since the beginning of this pandemic things have been up and down constantly. There have been changes in all ways of life as we know it. Restaurants have changed, doctor offices have changed and visiting family has changed. Most people really struggle with change but right now it is almost all that we see and have to deal with. Will it every end? Now they are talking about school being remote again and people not being able to go back into their offices and if they do masks are to be worn at all times. How are you dealing with these changes? Are they hard or easy for you? I know that some of the teens that I do see in counseling are really struggling with the changes in their schools. Most of these teens want to go back to school and be able to be in their classrooms with their friends and fellow students but is it safe for them? There are so many questions and not a lot of answers right now. How are you doing with worrying about these things and do you have doubts that things are going to get better. Please please call or text or even email through this website to come and talk with me. I know that all of this is so hard for parents and teens and kids. If you need to contact me by phone or text me the number is (708) 295-3502 or you can email me through the website or the email address is I am here to help and would love to help in any way I can.