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    I would highly recommend Betsy as counselor for any teenage girl. I wanted my daughter to connect with a professional, Christian, licensed professional to help her navigate the teen years when we had trouble seeing eye to eye. We are blessed to have found Betsy! - Mother of Client

    Betsy has greatly helped me with my marriage. Even though my spouse was not open/willing to see a counselor, Betsy empowered me to communicate better and understand when to confidently place issues in God's hands. - Client


    When things seemed impossible in my life...I made the decision to put my mental health first. Anderson Clinical Services made a positive impact in my life. I learned coping mechanisms and how to apply them to my life. I feel like therapy has guided me through some of the hardest things in life and along this process I am learning so much about myself. - Client

    I am very comfortable sending my daughter to see Betsy. I appreciate Betsy's natural compassion, her faith, and her abilities to discern and encourage. She has also been willing to meet with us parents to help us better support our daughter, and/or as a family. - Mother of Client

    It can be hard going to therapy and opening up about your life. But I’m glad that I pushed myself to go because therapy has changed my life in a positive way. When I would go to therapy with Betsy, I always had so much on mind and knowing I had a safe place to get things off my chest helped me feel better. I always left therapy feeling relaxed and ready to tackle the next thing that came my way. I knew that whatever life would throw at me Betsy would understand and help me work through the emotions I felt. She always knew the right thing to say and understood exactly what I was going through. I am forever grateful for my therapy sessions with Betsy because it has made me the strong person I am today to tackle any difficult situation life gives me. - Client