I am in network with:

    Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO/Blue Choice PPO (BCBS)


    United Behavioral Health (UBH)





    For insurance, I am happy to check your benefits and fees for counseling services. The best way to accomplish this is to text or email me a copy of the front and back of your insurance card as well as your date of birth. If your child or teen is coming for counseling I will need their date of birth as well.


    I will be directly billing to the insurance company as well for you. No need for you to do any of that.


    I am able to do out of network providers as well. I will be able to check this benefits for you as well. Most of the time, the insurance companies are able to help in some way for the cost of your therapy sessions.


    If you are dealing with HMO services, you will have to send that to them directly. I can provide you with the super bill to be able to send to them for reimbursement.


    Self Pay

    Self-Pay is another option for you as well if you are unable to go through insurance.


    Counseling Rates


    $175.00 - Diagnostic Interview (first session)

    $145.00 - Individual/Family sessions

    $100.00 - No Show/cancellation within 24 hours


    I will be able to honor the contracted rate per session while the insurance covers you.


    Please Note


    Benefits are an agreement between you and your insurance company and I cannot guarantee any insurance coverage or insurance rates.

    If you have any eligibility concerns, please contact your insurance company for clarity.


    Call or text me to set up an appointment at (708) 295-3502 or email me at betsy@andersonclinical.org